Stay Back! – Tips for driving safely behind a snowplow

March 5, 2017 - 11:35 am

Winter driving means patience. Especially patience on icy roads and behind snowplows. Snowplows travel at slower speeds and have a limited field of view. Make sure to be 5-10 car lengths behind one (according to MnDOT 10 is preferred). Also be prepared for a snowplow to exit/enter the highway frequently or even to cross over a median.

Snowplows are here to make our roads safer! Let’s give them the room they need!

Read more winter tips from MnDOT

Safe driving,
-Midway Driving School
“Training designed for nervous adults”

Black Ice – Tips for driving safely on Minnesota’s icy roads

February 12, 2017 - 11:34 am

Ice isn’t always visible on the roadway. When ice is hard to see we call it “Black Ice.” This can happen when precipitation falls and freezes onto the cold pavement or a melt and freeze occurs.

Black Ice and Icy road condition tips:

Slow down
Regardless of the speed limit, drive at a safe speed for icy roads. Go especially slow on bridges, overpasses, and tunnels. These may be icier than other parts of the road due to the air traveling above AND below the road. Also pay special attention to the road in the morning. The air warms faster than the pavement creating icier than expected road conditions.

Give your car space, and avoid braking on the ice
It is much harder to brake on ice, and ice may cause your car to skid. Make sure to give your car more room than you think you need between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Also, turn off cruise control, so you are more actively engaged as a driver, and can give yourself more time to react and adjust as necessary.

Avoid distractions
Make sure you are ready to focus on the road with both hands on the wheel. Do not use your phone while driving. Texting while driving is both dangerous and illegal in Minnesota.

Read more about black ice from MnDOT

Safe driving,
-Midway Driving School
“Training designed for nervous adults”

“Share the Road” – MDOT Campaign to See Pedestrians

October 2, 2012 - 7:00 pm

According to the Star Tribune, pedestrian deaths in 2012 are already at a 5 year high in Minnesota. MDot has decided to launch a “Share the Road” campaign to raise awareness to this deadly, but very reversible trend.

Here are some of their major tips:

1.) “Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.“
2.) “Watch for pedestrians at all times.”
3.) “Avoid distracted and aggressive driving”

At Midway Driving School, we make sure all our behind-the-wheel drivers understand the importance of safety while driving. Students are trained to actively pay attention to the road without distractions.

MDS serves Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Rochester areas. We also provide free pick-up for behind-the-wheel lessons. Midway driving school specializes in ESL, Nervous Adult, and Homeschool behind-the-wheel training. Our driver license service includes arranging appointments for our students to use our training cars for their Minnesota license Road Test.

Click here to see if we serve your area and to make an appointment today.

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5 Tips for Nervous Adult Drivers and New Drivers

September 6, 2012 - 6:35 pm

1. Make Sure Your Route Is All Planned Out
Knowing where you are going helps a lot and makes you more confident in your driving abilities. Just one thing less to worry about!

2. Take Breaks!
No one is perfect and on long trips sometimes the driving conditions call for you to pull off to the shoulder or find a gas station. Take breaks when necessary! Maybe you’re tired, stressed, need to stretch your legs, or just need to get some food. Don’t feel bad doing it. Just compose yourself and then go back on the road when you are ready.

3. Remove Distractions
The less things vying for your attention the better your driving will be! General rule, keep your eyes on the road!

  • Eat when your engine is turned off, not while driving.
  • Drive with as few passengers as possible.
  • Put your phone off to the side. No need for texting while driving!

4. Give Cars Extra Space
If you need to drive a little slower, no problem! Make sure you’re in the far right lane and always give other cars ample space. Giving other cars extra space can give you a more time to make decisions and break.

5. Practice Driving with a Trusted Friend
Especially for beginning drivers, make sure to only invite a trusted responsible friend into the vehicle. This person can catch mistakes, help navigate and make you feel at ease.

Midway Driving School strives to make you feel comfortable while driving. You can even schedule an appointment to focus on areas you personally want to work on to be confident on the road.  Make and appointment today with MDS!

Happy Safe and Confident Driving!

-Midway Driving School

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MDS Welcomes Homeschool Students!

August 1, 2012 - 12:10 pm

Not only does Midway Driving School specialize in nervous adult behind the wheel training, but also welcomes homeschool students who have taken their Minnesota classroom training online or at home. Just give us a call and we can arrange to provide you with the Blue Card necessary for obtaining your Instruction Permit. We will help your teen become a confident and safe driver. MDS serves most of the Twin Cities, Duluth and Rochester metro areas and even provides free pick-up in most areas.

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